Thursday, January 21, 2010

Passage Placement #21

Message: "Try harder."

Location: Urban Outfitters, Wicker Park, Chicago, Il

Type: Stamped Brass Plate

Date: 1/20/10

Time: 3:08 pm

Notes: Exploring Wicker Park with Amy and Will after lunch at Kuma's Korner.

Fate: Unknown.

Passage Placement #20

Message: "Remember your mortality."

Location: Kuma's Korner, Roscoe Village, Chicago, Il

Type: Stamped brass plate

Date: 1/20/10

Time: 2:05 pm

Notes: Having lunch with Amy and Will. Will and I were in Chicago visiting Amy who had recently moved there. Kuma's has the biggest, most delicious burgers ever, and the entire restaurant is metal rock themed. Will had the Pantera, Amy had the Iron Maiden, and I had the YOB. All were amazing. After lunch we explored Wicker Park for a bit, then went back to Amy's and all passed out for a nap. This was dubbed the Kuma Coma.

Also, it is worth noting, the stamped brass plates do not feature any reference to this blog, so there is no way for anyone who finds one to directly find their way to me, the placer. I am a little sad about this, but only a little. Sometimes you just have to turn your artwork loose on the world and not try to hold onto it.

Fate: After taking the photo of the passage on the table, I slipped it inside the cover of the beer list, so that another patron would be more likely to find it than a restaurant employee. Ultimately, the fate of this and any other brass plate passage will most likely never be known.