Friday, December 19, 2008

Passage Placement #10

Message: "You are not what you think you are."

Location: Crazy Fox Saloon, Newport, KY

Type: Paper in a bottle

Date: 12/18/08

Time: 11:00 pm

Notes: Drinks with Josh and Ben after dinner at LaRosa's.

Fate: As we were leaving the bar, a group immediately moved into the booth we were sitting at and found the passage. One of the guys in the group immediately smashed the bottle with his foot and retrieved the message.

Special Note: This is the first time I have seen a passage found by a stranger. It hurt for a second to see it smashed immediately, but then I remembered that giving up control of the passage's fate is an inherent and essential element of this process.

Also, this was the last passage to be placed without any contact information. From now on, all passages placed will include the URL to this blog so that the finder may get more information about what they have found, and leave feedback about their experience finding the passage.

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