Friday, December 19, 2008

Passage Placement #4

Message: "You are only limited by your own will."

Location: EnterTRAINment Junction, West Chester, OH

Type: Paper in a jar.

Date: 12/05/08

Time: 12:45 pm

Notes: Basically a second attempt at my first placement.

Fate: As of 1:30 pm, the passage was no longer where it had been placed. I did not witness it being found.


  1. I found your blog. I now know what the paper says inside the bottle. Does this mean I found the bottle? The message was delivered......Thanks! Mrs. Slug

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  3. This raises an interesting question... Is the passage devalued by making its contents known to everyone who reads this blog?

    Maybe from now on I will not include the message in the blog post, but leave it up to the finder to decide if they want to share what the message read.